Talks and presentations:

Multi-layer Network Composition under a Unified Dynamical Process,

SBP and BRiMS 2017 Conference, Washington DC


Co-organizer and host of the workshop

Strengthening Reproducibility in Network Science

NetSci 2017, Indianapolis, IN


Z-Laplacian: a dynamical framework for community structures and centrali-
ties on networks,

American Mathematical Society Spring Central Section Meeting,
Indiana University.



Dynamical processes on networks and graph transformations

Intelligent & Interactive Systems Talk Series, @ School of Informatics and Computing , Indiana University



Dynamical Processes and Graph Transformations

Pecha Kucha presentation given in Sep. 2015 @Senseable City Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Slides: slidesMIT


Centralities, Communities and Dynamics: the Generalized Laplacian framework

Talk given in Mar. 2015 @Imaging Genetics Center, Laboratory of Neuro Imaging,
Keck School of Medicine, USC

Source code and release:


Centralities, Communities and Operators: A Framework for Network Dynamics

Talk given in May. 2014 @Santa Fe Institute Seminar



Variational Inference of Community Models: A Unifying Learning Framework

Talk given in Aug. 2013 @ISI-USC AI seminar



Scalable Model Selection for Networks using Belief Propagation

Talk given in Jun. 2013 @NetSci 2013 Satellite Symposium on Complex Networks meet Machine Learning



Model Selection for Stochastic Block Models

Talk given in May. 2013 @SFI workshop on Structure, Statistical Inference and Dynamics in Networks: From Graphs to Rich Data